Our Facility

Our sister company, IPI GmbH, is a world-class manufacturer of solvent cast film products for consumer, electronics and military markets. Our production facility is 35,000m² (376,750 ft²) and is located in high-tech Chemiepark, Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.

Clean Room Manufacturing

State of the art manufacturing processes in class 1000 clean room environment provides the highest quality film products to meet all customer requirements. Custom manufacturing in accordance to specific customer requirements is our strength.

Process Control

24hr/7day continuous process monitoring and control of each of our production processes ensures consistently high quality in our films.

Continuous Improvement

IPI GmbH never stops making improvements to our products and processes with the mind-set that improvement for our customers is a way of life, not a short-term program.

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Our facility is maintained to provide superior environment-friendly manufacturing. Distillation, Adsorbtion and Solvent recovery processes are second to none earning IPI GmbH the highest recognition of ISO-14001 registration from the onset.