Triacetate Films are noted for the wide range and versatility of their chemical and physical properties. IPI TAC films offer advantageous physical and chemical properties, making them far superior to other types of films. Our films are manufactured by our sister company, IPI GmbH, and we partner with them to export their films across Asia.

What We Offer

IPI GmbH products are the preferred choice of material in a wide range of industrial applications. The applications include:

- TAC Film for LCD

- TAC Film for Optical Lenses

- TAC Film for Photographic Film

- TAC Film for Technical Application


Every product offered is independently tested by IPI GmbH, ensuring that it meets all the requirements set forth by the customer’s specification

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Where It's Made

All of our TAC Films are manufactured at IPI GmbH, located in Wolfen, Germany. IPI GmbH is the largest film cast manufacturer in Europe and produces Triacetate and Ethyl Cellulose Films for a variety of markets.


IPI GmbH is committed to a clean air environment and adheres to, and even surpasses, all clean air and water environmental restrictions imposed at its manufacturing facilities.

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